Management Systems

Why Change?

Simplified wiring >

Utilising a single cabling infrastructure several different services can be delivered: Telephone, WiFi, Internet, Security Cameras, Audiovisual systems, Control Systems, Power

Reduced installation costs

Faster speeds

Higher quality

Simplified management >

Devices such as media players, WiFi nodes, cameras and servers can all be monitored from a single graphical interface, providing immediate warning on loss of commumication or thresholds reached.

Management Systems

Management Interface

Cameras, telephones, network switches, media servers, storage devices, touchpanels, entry systems, satellite receivers and many more elements can all be managed from a central point and a single interface. Providing for a graphical representation in real time of your entire infrastructure enables you an instanteous understanding when problems arise, be it a failed wireless access point or that the processor overhead on a key server is above the expected thresholds. Net Dream Systems will audit your IT infrastrucure and configure the system to your needs giving you a genuine comfort that your systems are running as you expect.